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Fitness today

Hello great people and welcome to 20bootcamp. We’ve been training clients in/outdoor since 2009 and over the years, we’ve seen some major changes when it comes to going to the gym to get fit. I remember the days when these places were popular and jam packed with exercise enthusiasts. But now, due to busy work schedules and lack of convenience, they’re quickly becoming a thing of the past. This is why we’ve created a gateway to train our clients in the comfort of their own homes. With just a smartphone or laptop with a camera, we can now offer you 1 on 1 training wherever you are and with a schedule that personally works for you. With 20Bootcamp’s proven track record of results, support & creative fat burning techniques, we can help you reach fitness goals you never thought you’d achieve. Call now to speak to one of our top trainers and receive your free consultation!
(404) 919-9974 or email us at 20bootcamp@gmail.com for more information.